217 Centre Street

Little Italy, Manhattan, NY
  • Size 2,500 sq ft
  • Minimun Rental 1 days

Right on the famous Centre Street, this event space is located in the middle of downtown’s liveliest avenues for shopping and dining. Downtown is the real heart for all of shopper dreams. This renovated space is cool and sizable, with an open floor plan well suited for parties or conferences. The space is right near SoHo’s area which has a lot of fun and great things nearby.

Little Italy, Manhattan, NY  

Once home to the immigrants who settled during the 1800's, Little Italy now hosts the welcoming charm of Italian culture. Abundant with souvenir shops and traditional Italian eateries and bakeries, your popshop would entice passers-by of the neighborhood's pedestrian mall.

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Estimated Cost (1 days)
  • $2,200 / day
  • $15,400 / week
  • $66,000 / month
  • Total $
  • Crowdsourced

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