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Brand Referral Program  

How it works


  1. Referrals must be made between popshop and the referred brand
  2. There’s no limit to the amount of referrals you can make
  3. To qualify for a Brand Referral Fee the Brand must book within 3 months of the introduction.
  4. The referrer will be entitled to a Brand Referral Fee on any space booked by the referred brand for 24 months after their first Qualified Booking (first booking within 3 months of intro).
  5. If we are already in contact with the brand then it will not qualify as a referral


  1. You refer Brand X to PopShop by introducing us to a key decision maker at the brand
  2. Brand X books a 3 month pop-up with us for $100,000
  3. popshop receives $12,000 net booking fee
  4. you receive a $2,400 referral fee

Who It's For

The Brand Referral Program is a tool designed for brokers and agencies to be able to better serve their clients by allowing popshop, the flexible retail experts, to assist their clients in obtaining the best short-term space to ensure that their popshop is the most successful it can be.


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